Sunday, April 1, 2007


The dreaded event has come to pass. The Gods of Sport have chosen us to battle evil and save College Sport. I exaggerate not even a little bit. I received an email this morning from a colleague and Florida alum who said

Win or lose on Monday, both of us, we should be very proud; because with all due respect to Wake Forest, Michigan, and McGill, we are the TWO preeminent athletic programs in in North America.

I did not have the heart to correct his grammar or to tell him that I find it appalling that he would consider Florida in the same category as The Ohio State University. It's mortifying that he'd think that Florida is better than a storied, historical program like Michigan.

So now we come down to it. It's never just a game in Ohio. The Buckeyes are fully responsible for maintaining the karmic balance of college sports. The yin and yang depend upon it. We're fighting for good here and we must defeat evil.

In Ohio, a win will not go far in erasing the pain of January, but it's the flip side that is horrific to consider. A loss means we were unable to stop Florida from becoming the only school to ever hold simultaneous titles in football and basketball. FLORIDA. The part of Georgia that nobody wanted.

We must stop the likes of Urban Meyer and the "product" he puts on the field. We must stop Billy Donovan, who is playing UK against Florida for more money, while his kids try to make history. We must stop the Super Fan.

We must win for all that is right and good in sport. We must put Florida back in its place. We're counting on you, Mr. Oden.

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Bucknutz said...

Prezactly. The Buckeyes must save the world.
Go Bucks. Go Bucks. Go Bucks.