Monday, April 16, 2007

Seacoast On Line Gallery

My shot of the Wiggley Bridge. See the Seacoastonline Gallery's shot (and many others) here,
and their story of York Beach flooding here.


Anonymous said...

great pictures! thanx.

Monkey said...


We went down to Higgins Beach today (because we are insane) and took some video. I'll have it up tomorrow.

Thanks so much for linking these. Absolutely amazing storm. (Not much fun here, without power for most of the day.)

mainelife said...

Hey Monkey-
Glad you're safe and dry. We were kind of power on then off then on then off, but we were without internet and phone access for most of the day. Now THAT's an inconvenience...
We'll stop over and check out the video later today. :)

Monkey said...

We were so starved for the internet that around 4PM, we went into town to the JavaNet Cafe. Time Warner was down. There were internet junkies everywhere shaking and sweating, drinking their mocha lattes.

Big Pissy said...

Came over from Monkey's. :)

Those pictures are amazing!

Thanks for posting them. :)

Margaret Evans Porter said...

Great pics.
'Specially the Wiggley Bridge one.

The sight of it makes me long for a hot summer's day, sitting at Chauncey Creek eating a lobster roll.

Someday we'll see the pretty part of spring...soon, I hope.

mainelife said...

Margaret-Shhh. Chauncey Creek is for "the in crowd" only.
I'd hate for my three blog readers to cause us to lose a table.