Monday, April 16, 2007

Happy Patriots' Day

Patriots' Day is an Official State Holiday in Maine and Massachusetts, but not other stereotypically patriotic states like Texas or Vermont.

Does anybody know why Maine and Massachusetts both still celebrate this day and what they celebrate? Some Mainiacs weren't quite sure, as the Maine Sunday Telegram found out.

The wind is howling and the rain is pounding the windows, but we still have power and we have no snow accumulation. Other areas aren't faring as well, with power outages and farther north in Maine and to our west in New Hampshire, significant snow has fallen.

Nearby, New Market, NH has flooding and portions of the town are being evacuated. Down Amy's way, a parking lot has flooded and cars are sitting in water up to their windows. Saco is facing possible beach erosion and much of southern and central Maine is under a coastal flood watch. High tide is at 10:42 am and 11:06 pm, with a new moon. Yikes. But no one is predicting floods like we had last May (so far, anyway):

Despite all of this, the Boston Marathon will begin at 10:00am, and Maine will represent, as will our little town, who is sending 9 runners. God speed, y'all. Stay warm and hydrated.

Sox are scheduled for a 10:05 start, but don't hold your breath for that first pitch.


weasel said...

Isn't it because we used to be Massachusetts, and isn't it something to do with Lexington, or Concord, or the Boston Massacre or similar?

Yours, Potentially Smarty Clever Clogs

mainelife said...

Prezactly correct! We were Massachusetts until the Missouri Compromise. Then the Congress needed to add a free state and we were it.
Presto. No longer The Bay State. Instant Pine Tree State.
You are a very smart weasel.