Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Green Monster Coming to Central Maine

They say that the farther from Fenway a New Englander lives, the deeper the passion for the Sox. A town in Central Maine might have been thinking that when they decided to build a miniature Fenway Ball Park for their Little League Team:

Red Sox fans in central Maine rejoice. Fenway Park is coming to you.

By summer's end, and maybe sooner, the Green Monster wall and every other nook and cranny of the famed bandbox of a stadium should be complete and ready for play -- right here in Oakland -- in Little League scale.

"The shape and everything is exactly like Fenway Park," said John Blais of A.E. Hodsdon Consulting Engineers in Waterville. "It is a total rendering of Fenway. It is a great, fun project.
With our weather, they might be better off building a miniature Garden to play hockey......

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