Friday, April 13, 2007

The Calm Between The Storms

We skated out of yesterday's storm with little accumulation (if you agree that two inches of snow in April is "little"), but it looks as if the "Storm of the Century Part 2" will not be so kind to us:

After a snowy and rainy Thursday, the weather across the Northeast will take a brief break. Most of the region will be mainly dry but some scattered rain and snow showers may fall from western Pennsylvania to northern New England.

Look for some impovement on Saturday but that will be short-lived as as a major storm develops off the East Coast by Sunday. This storm may have some historical impacts for the month of April.

Look for heavy rain and fierce winds by Sunday night and Monday morning from the Middle Atlantic region to New England. Coastal flooding and wind damage are possibilities. Interior sections of the Northeast, especially the higher elevations, may see some record snowfall from Sunday night through Tuesday.

Local weather-casters are using ominous phrases like "pounding Nor'easter" and "100 year storm" (which we supposedly have already had). Right now, it seems that we'll have only rain, but that may change. For now, outdoor activities are du jour (did I use that correctly?): we're walking the dog, heading to the driving range, and picking up downed limbs from last night's snow.

The storm will impact the running of the Boston Marathon as well as numerous Patriots' Day celebrations.

The last two months have made me a "global warming" cynic and a "climate change" believer.

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