Thursday, April 12, 2007

CBS Cancels Don Imus Immediately and Permanently

CBS has fired Don Imus, and it looks like they're not kidding around......Guess I'll be buying a Sirrius Satellite Radio.

Ok, Rev. Sharpton and Rev. Jackson. I'll be watching to make sure that you are good to your promise to clean up the rappers and other African American performers.

You're officially on watch. I cannot abide a hypocrite, fellas.


Bucknutz said...

Oh EFF. Now I'm really friggin' pissed off.

Did you see the founder of BET on Hardball last night? There is not a more dishonest, racist lying person on this earth. He said that he's gone to the rap labels and said that if they stop making those racist sexist videos, he'll put other programming on his network. But he did not tell them to stop or stop playing it when they didn't stop. Spineless.

Marie said...

Don't hold your breath. Sharpton and Jackson have as much control over rappers as they did over Imus--which is no control. It was clearly a monetary decision to let Imus go.

mainelife said...

Thanks Marie. I was just turning blue.
I'm breathing again ;)
As the mother of a girl(s) that age, did this become personal for you? So many of my friends felt this deeply because of their daughters.

Anonymous said...

Sharpton is shaking in his boots, I'm sure.
He should be the original teflon man because nothing sticks to him.
He called the Central Park Jogger a whore and is indisputibly an anti-semite. He slurs Jews all the time and always has an excuse or he just lies about what he said. Imus was brought down because of You Tube and bloggers and the internet and it's only a matter of time before Sharpton's mouth gets recorded and then busted too.