Sunday, April 29, 2007

What Have We Done?

Brady Quinn, aged four.
I thought we'd dodged a bullet when the Browns selected Joe Thomas as their first round draft pick. Certainly before they drafted again, Brady Quinn would be off the board, right?

Don't get me wrong. I think Brady is (in order of importance): 1) a Tom Brady level hottie (always important for us female football players); 2) a very level-headed, intelligent young man (his academic advisor spent 45 minutes gushing at his wonderfulness off the football field) and; 3) a pretty good quarterback.

I just don't think he's got what it takes to win. I so, so hope I'm wrong about this and all the experts are right, because Cleveland gave up a huge amount to draft him 22nd by trading their first round pick next year to Dallas. It's either Cleveland's best move since Art Modell slunk out of town, or Dallas made a mensa level move.

Anyway, here's to Cleveland's next franchise quarterback. Let's hope he's a Brady and not a Couch.


The Blue State Blogger said...

Hey, don't fret! Remember, he's already got a couple of years of Charlie Weis under his belt.

Anonymous said...

Sorry! But he is NO level Tom Brady hottie! This Brady always looks like he was ridden hard and put away wet. Tom Brady is male model, athlete, cute without being arrogant hot. Brady Quinn strikes me as a boy that has an ego the size of a small country.

mainelife said...

Hey Anon-
Really, you don't think this kid is adorable looking?
I think he's a cutie.
And BSB-I hope Charlie's given him the full "brady" treatment and he turns out to be a winner like Tom. I really do.

Bucknutz said...

What do you think about Troy and the Ravens?
I think he's in the best possible place (for him). He'll work hard and contribute and maybe even become the starter.
As for Quinn, I see you're taking the glass half full approach. I hope he works out for the Browns.