Wednesday, April 11, 2007

2 Hours

Dice-K makes the Fenway debut in two hours.
It's more exciting than....well, anything.
Just ask the Boston Globe who spotted this guy,sporting Dice-K's old jersey, come all the way from Japan to see Dice-K's first start in the Fenway.
Makes me almost believe it's spring, despite knowing that the Boston Marathon might be postponed due to WEATHER.

It was no dice on the Dice-K tickets for tonight (had one, but couldn't swing two), so we're going to order a double cheeseburger pizza from Anthony's (best pie in town, imo), build a fire, open a Smithwick's and watch the game.

Here we go Red Sox!


Bucknutz said...

Your boy is getting shelled.
The pitcher for Seattle is lights out, though.

mainelife said...

He didn't pitch that badly, it's just that the other guy really was lights out. Oh well.