Thursday, April 12, 2007

Bigelow Tea Sponsors Half Hour Of Imus Telethon

Our new morning set-up--Who needs MSNBC?

Jeez'em, I am now confused. Cindy Bigelow has just waxed profound for about 2 minutes about how Don Imus has enriched the lives of families with children, yada, yada, yada, how honored she and her parents have been to be even a small part of the great work he's done for children.

Almost makes me sorry I dumped all our Bigelow Tea yesterday morning, after reading this article. (Sorry, I get a bit passionate sometimes and it seemed an appropriate gesture).

I won't be watching MSNBC anymore, however. Imus' firing seems to be a response to the noise. It's the easy thing to do to quell the rising storm in order to avoid the real issue: how to fix the continued disproportionate levels of black representation in our media, our boardrooms, our workplaces, our universities, etc, and the way that people of color are treated in every day life.

Should real good, real change come from this firing, then I applaud it. At this time, my inner skeptic believes Imus' head was sacrificed by NBC so that life at Rockefeller Center can remain as it is.

Sharpton will forget about Imus; Jackson will move on to other causes. Stringer will have the BEST recruiting class Rutgers has ever seen (heck, she might finally win that elusive national title next year), and NOTHING will change. That will be the real tragedy of this mess.

BTW-Where's Russert been in all this?


Margaret Evans Porter said...

I don't do Imus (or any morning telly), but feel bad that you won't be able to watch him if you enjoy him.

Fairly soon he's coming to NH to broadcast his radio show from the historic Portsmouth Music Hall--where Frederick Douglass gave a speech. The event was a sell-out. Now people are either clamouring for tickets or demanding cancellation. The manager is determined that Imus will offer up a mea culpa live and in person, and reference its importance as an African-American historic site.

My own MSNBC viewing was greatly reduced when Olbermann departed, during or after the Clinton/ Lewinsky/impeachment mess. I'm a big Countdown fan, though I don't watch it every day.

Bucknutz said...

NOW whatcha gonna do in the morning?

Monkey said...

Like Margaret, I stopped watching MSNBC when Olbermann left. I'm totally out of the loop.