Saturday, March 31, 2007

Sanjaya's Popularity Explained

There have been many theories advanced to explain Sanjaya's inexplicable success on American Idol.
A conspiracy to ruin the show? Nope
A cartel of teen-aged girls madly in love? Close but not it.

It's voters from the State of Florida, who have mistaken Sanjaya and his less than talented head of hair for another no talent head of hair--Joakim Noah.....watching Joakim shoot free throws is very similar to watching Sanjaya sing, don't you think?
Go Bucks!


Jeff said...

I have to say the visual similarities are rather striking... my question for you is "when is Oden eligible to join the AARP?" He's in his 50's isn't he?

Good first game. Hope we have the stuff to meet you on Monday.

mainelife said...

Congrats on your win, Jeff. Florida is a really impressive basketball team, and I'm pretty sure we'll be on the short end of the score tonight.
I'm just hoping that we play better than we did in the BCS game.