Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Hey University of Florida--Way to Stay Uber Classy

The President of the University of Florida, Dr. Bernie Machen, somehow, in the middle of an interview about a playoff for college football, manages to take a swipe at Greg Oden:

Dr. M: It's ridiculous. What a homer. I was at Michigan (as provost and dean of the school of dentistry). I know how they get in at Michigan. Don't talk to me about the Nobel laureates at Michigan.

Just look at Greg Oden's class schedule this semester. The Big Ten has fought the conference playoff, then they (complain) because Ohio State doesn't have a game in 48 days. (Actually 51 between the last game of the season and the BCS title game. The Big Ten traditionally ends its regular-season football schedule before Thanksgiving

Greg Oden? Last I checked, Greg Oden played basketball, and has done nothing except be an upstanding citizen and the best player in college basketball this year.

This coming from an institution who had a tenured professor, John Hall, show up so baked for class that he rolled around on his desk, giggled extensively and then made You Tube history (UF, of course, removed the video, but trust me, it was ridiculous)?

I'd like to tell you that I'm surprised by this, but I'm not. It's about what I'd expect from a school like Florida, who has a fan base that spent the morning after their basketball championship, not celebrating their win, but saying horrible (and anonymous--you brave boys, you) things about Ohio State and inexplicably, Michigan:

Hey Buckeyes, instead of spelling out OHIO at the football games, make it a word all your fans now have etched on their foreheads........LOSER.

Florida OWNS Ohio State. Florida has proven the Buckeyes are no match for them. Give it up Ohio State because you suck.
Troy Smith=worst QB ever
Jim Tressel=worst dressed coach in history
Greg Oden=baby
Thad Matta=horrible coach

Anon said...
It was fantastic watching the Gators humiliate Ohio State once again for the National Championship. When will you Big 10/11 fans learn that the SEC is the best conference in football, basketball, hockey (we don't even have teams, but if we did they would be better), and all the other sports. Give it up Michigan and Ohio State. You both suck at everything.

Hopefully Florida will get to destroy Ohio State again next year. It is fun embarrassing their crappy coaches on national television.

Gator Dynasty said...

To All Michigan Fans:

We found out who the real Fab Five is last night. Florida's Fab Five, consisting of Noah, Horford, Brewer, Humphrey, and Green, is the best starting lineup every assembled. No doubt about it. Want to know why? They are clean (don't take bribes/money), and have actually won titles.

Can Michigan's Fab Five say the same thing? No, not at all. They never won the Big Ten. Chris Webber took money and had his fabulous timeout incident. They were a complete and utter joke.

Now I guess we see that the fan base is just following the example set by their President.


Bucknutz said...

Too bad he didn't utter an Imus. Then they'd fire the jerk.
Florida adds a whole new dimension to the dumbing down of education in America.
I've already explained to our kids that they'll never visit Disney World or spring break in Florida while I pay.
I don't mind losing. I detest losing to such low rent red necks.

Jeff said...

My apologies from Gator Nation. Unfortunately, Florida does have its share of morons. I love my Gators, but there are aspects like Bernie Mac's comments that make me a little less proud. He also chastised the faculty senate for refusing to confer an honary doctorate on ol' Jeb. The faculty may have their stoners, but at least they have some sense. I must argue though that Florida doesn't have the exclusive on moronic fans... every school has fans that should just keep their mouths shut.

mainelife said...

Hey Jeff-
I responded to your comment first thing this morning, but Blogger seems to have eaten it.
Anyway, you're one of the good guys and there's no reason to apologize.
I should not have dinged the fan base as every school has its share of ding-dongs....that wasn't fair of me and in retrospect, I regret posting those quotes.
I do wonder at your President, however, to personally call out a 19-year old kid who by everything I read and hear is a good guy.
Three NC in 12 months would make one a tad more gracious, I'd think.
BTW, do you know the circumstances of his leaving UM? He doesn't like them much.