Friday, April 27, 2007

I'm Not Taking This Bet

Remember how all those New Yorkers wondered if the blood on Kurt Schilling's sock in the ALCS was real and all of Sox Nation knew beyond a doubt that it was real?
The controversy bubbled up again this week in Baltimore, due Gary Thorne's complete lack of a sense of humor or understanding of irony or his desire to become a national story...whatever.
WEEI spent hours discussing whether it was real, national media outlets picked up the story and to no one's surprise, Kurt Schilling went ballistic and then went directly to his blog, where he writes:

Someone gave me a great idea to end this once and for all. No one will ever need to bring it up again. I’ll wager 1 million dollars to the charity of anyones choice, versus the same amount to ALS. If the blood on the sock is fake, I’ll donate a million dollars to that persons charity, if not they donate that amount to ALS.

Any takers?

Um, not me. I totally believe you, buddy.


weasel said...

It wasn't blood. It was Jesus juice.

mainelife said...

Isn't Jesus Juice what Michael Jackson gave to those little boys?