Monday, April 2, 2007

Some Thoughts About Tonight's Game

1) If Oden opens the game with a dunk, he'd better not get tackled in the celebration.
2) If Roy Hall is in the building, he'd best be sitting on the Florida bench.
3) Mike Conley. He is the fastest thing in Atlanta and Joakim Noah's mouth is included in that calculation.
4) If Ted Valentine is calling the game, the Buckeyes need to take their ball and go home. No good will come of staying and playing.
5) If there is a God of College Sports, Joakim Noah will break his wrist during one of his chest pumping celebrations of an "and 1" early in the game.


gnumoon said...

"TV" Ted Valentine is the most ridiculous excuse for a referee in the NCAA.

More times than I can count he has been reffing a game I was shooting and changed other refs' calls, yelled at coaches, insulted photographers, and basically done anything to get to be in the spotlight.

He's a huge joke (albeit an annoying one) with gameday staffers- most of us grab a look at the P.A. script before gametime to see if we have to put up with him.

mainelife said...

I can't believe you know this guy!
He's really a horrible ref (and thank goodness, he's not calling tonight's game).
Hope you're well :)

Marie said...

IT is 10 pm and still early in the game. Fingers crossed, but not double crossed for the Buckeyes.