Monday, April 16, 2007

Nor'Easter Pounding The Maine Coast

I spoke a bit too soon this morning--the power went out shortly after my last post. Thankfully, it's back on, at least for now.
Heavy rain continues to fall in Maine, although the Boston Marathon blog posts indicate that the wind has died down and the rain has stopped in the Bay State.

Since moving to Maine, we've seen some good blizzards and had significant flooding during the Mother's Day flood of last year, but we've never seen waves like this. The Coast Guard is reporting seas of 20-25 feet (as always, you can click to enlarge all the images).

Downtown is seeing flooding due to high tides, and our favorite little summah cottage now has a very large tree on the roof.

Usually one can walk through the parking lot to get to Russel's Lobster Shack, but today a canoe might be a better idea.

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Bucknutz said...

Are you warm and dry?
How are you fairing without your boy, Imus?