Tuesday, April 17, 2007

EagleCam Out Lasts the Storm

I just checked on the eagles via the EagleCam, and momma was sitting on the nest, looking very serene and calm while the nest sways and the wind HOWLS on the audio feed (it's very difficult to watch the birds with the sound on right now because of the piercing, screaming noise--that's how hard the wind is still blowing here in Maine). The next few days will be crucial to the chicks' survival.

Over at the Bald Eaglecam blog, Wing Goodale explains how important large trees and existing, long-term nesting sites are to the eagles:

One of the reasons that these birds were able to weather the storm is that their nest is in a large, healthy, white pine. These large trees are extremely import as eagle nesting sites. Last summer, when I was working with Chris DeSorbo banding and taking blood samples from eaglets, we both noted, that almost without exception, that the eagle nests were in the largest trees in the area. This storm shows just how important these trees are.

In addition to the nesting pair on the EagleCam, there are 400 other pairs of Eagles riding out this storm.

BioDiversity Research Institute is trying to raise
$50,000 for the EagleCam, eagle research and contaminant research.


Monkey said...

Hooray for Momma Eagle!

Anonymous said...

I found your blog googling for information on Camp Ellis in Saco.
The pictures are just great and the eagel cam is mesmerizing.
I hope you all dry out soon without too much damage from this storm.