Wednesday, April 11, 2007


MSNBC has announced that it will no longer simulcast the Imus in the morning show.
Yes, I'm sorry about that. I'm more sorry that he said such a horrible thing, but I've listened/watched the man for 15 years and I'd dishonest if I said that I'd hoped he'd get another chance.
Jason Whitlock of the Kansas City Star expresses my thoughts on the I-Mess more eloquently than I can.

UPDATE: Olbermann has just admitted that he went to management at MSNBC and asked that Imus be removed.


Anonymous said...

He stepped over the line and got what's coming to him.

Keith said...

excellent article. I've never been a big Imus fan and believe his commenets warranted a suspension but am worried about the excessive PC world

mainelife said...

The Mainiac Husband agrees with you completely.
Keith, I guess you and I are more nuanced--I don't like what he said, but agree with your concerns.

weasel said...

Like any good liberal, I've been wrestling with both sides of this. Perhaps Coach Stringer and her team should have been the final arbiters, as the insult was directed at them and they are the only actors in this who have conducted themselves with any class.

And I presume that Al Sharpton will now loudly campaign to have Jay Z's endorsements and contracts cancelled? And for a change in the language used in hip hip overall?

Don't forget that MSNBC has a history of caving at the slightest pressure: remember when they fired Phil Donahue post 9-11 as he was too liable to ask interesting questions?

Ach, it will all be over in a week; Imus will still be on the radio presenting his act in the following pattern: Charles reads news, Imus gets grumpy, Bernard says something slightly off-color, they all pretend to protest or agree, then they call the sports guy stupid or fat. Same as it ever was.

mainelife said...

I totally agree Weasel. Coach Stringer has long been a hero to me (and not just because her nephew played football for Ohio State) and she and her team have been class acts all the way.
Your description of the program is so right on that it makes me wonder why I watch it.