Tuesday, April 17, 2007


This is starting to feel a bit like the Mother's Day Floods of last year (many of the same roads were closed then):

From Seacoastonline.com--Road sections closed in York as of Monday evening:

  • Route 91 at Scotland Bridge, at Kingsbury Road and at Gowen Lane
  • Shore Road/Philips Cove
  • Birch Hill at Frost Hill Road
  • Reserve Street
  • Ogunquit Road by North Village Road
  • 79 Scituate Road
  • Betty Welch Road
  • Bayview Road
  • Long Beach Avenue
  • Thistleberry Lane at Roaring Rock Road
  • 129 Scituate Road
  • Bay Haven Road
  • 41 Brixham Road
  • Harbor Beach
  • Sohier Park

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