Saturday, April 28, 2007

Welcoming the Orioles

It's time to set out the oranges. Early May in Maine means Baltimore Orioles and adding a little color to our still brown and gray days. Orange halves in bushes attract orioles and even if the little birdies don't show up, the oranges are quite perky. Orioles also love grape jelly, and have been known to eat it right out of the jar. I have it on good faith that they're especially fond of Smucker's Grape.

If you'd like a guaranteed view of the Orioles, try Clay Hill Farm for lunch or dinner. It's a lovely restaurant and is the only restaurant to be certified as a bird sanctuary. During May, they are inundated with Orioles.


Anonymous said...

That is very cool! Thank God for springtime!

mainelife said...

Amen. I am very, very happy to see spring this year.

Jeff said...

Of course lots of Orioles here in Baltimore here, too. The beautiful winged variety, and the pitiful, cellar-dwelling variety that inhabit Camden Yards.