Monday, April 9, 2007

Imus Suspended for Two Weeks

By MSNBC. Beginning April 16th. I'm going to be driving around in my car for two weeks, listenening to the radio. I rather hope Imus decides to cancel his MSNBC contract and go back to a full radio format--not that I endorse his remarks. I don't. But he appears truly sorry, to have made amends and to need forgiveness. I'm willing to offer that.

David Gregory is hosting Hardball and devoting (at least the first 20 minutes) the show to this issue. He's distanced himself from Imus. Howard Finneman (who appeared this morning on Imus) is waffling. Jesse Jackson is now on Hardball to try to get an African-American a show on MSNBC. Only Barnicle (the dubious source guy, the guy who knows scandal) is standing firm.

Y'all should tune into MSNBC tomorrow for the next installment of the affair.

UPDATE: CBS Radio is also suspending Imus. So, I won't be driving around in my car for two weeks to listen to him on the radio. Ah, the age of 1,000,000 the midst of which, the Imus blog gets suspended....odd timing, is it not?

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