Thursday, April 5, 2007

Snow Day

School is closed. The grocer and all businesses on Rt. 1 are closed due to power outages. We've got 6 inches of heavy, wet snow, and it's still coming down, as are many of our trees, pulled down by the weight of the snow. They've revised the forecast: most of Maine will get at least a foot of snow, with 16 inches to two feet.

It's a very busy day here: I've got to write an introduction to my father's book of photography (yikes, I'm not up to the task!), bake two desserts to take to Easter in Connecticut (I'm thinking Red Cake Cupcakes--I'll send a few down to Marie's kids, and heath bar brownies), wrap and mail a birthday present to my niece (she'll be three on Monday), work at the job that pays the mortgage, and pack to leave for CT.

Did I mention that in a fit of optimism we put up the bird houses?


Jenn said...

Crazy weather!
You're up to the task of writing the introduction becuase you're a very good writer. I think so if that's worth anything.

Starfish said...

you must be kidding with the weather! thank you for your writings, as you have answered all my questions as to what has happened in the Final Four, weather, and did you make the armidillo.
We were in Charing Cross on Monday and I thought of lovely you. Rainy damp Ireland is very warm and sunny - who knew? Have fun in CT, be happy that you are sitting on the left and driving on the right.

weasel said...

Like a moron, I got up and dug out my car, drove to work, and dug out my office, where I now sit.

Nobody else is at work, but I'm too tired to get up out of my chair and drive home, where no doubt the plow truck has made another pass, burying my driveway again.

The net upshot is I'm begging for a couple of heath bar brownies to restore my flagging strength.

mainelife said...

Are you sure you don't want to try the red cake cupcakes? They have white frosting this time and look nothin' like a dead armadillo.
Glad to see you've got internet connections across the Pond. How was tea with the Queen? Have you met Weasel? He's a Brit and I'm pretty sure he also knows the Queen.
It is absolutely crazy, weird weather.

Margaret Evans Porter said...

About a foot of white at my house and a white knuckle drive over an unplowed unpaved town road. Our personal plow guy did a fantastic, timely and very tidy clean-up on our private road. The town plow ignored the town-maintained portion, which is hilly and horrible after such a heavy snowfall. I had to phone a selectman about it, before venturing out.

But the trees are simply lovely.

Good luck with the intro to the book. You'll make a fine job of it, I know!

Monkey said...

Without power for 15 hours, I was unable to check my favorite blogs and developed an unseemly rash.

We lost a big tree in our front yard and inconvenienced traffic in Cape Elizabeth for most of the morning.

Since I leave this comment on Sunday...

Happy Easter! Hope you find the Bunny in CT.