Thursday, January 11, 2007

The House of Corrections

Richard Lederer presents his lastest list of students' gaffes and botched spellings. Oh to be this creative:

  • No sooner had the Hebrews left the Mess in Potamia safely behind them than they found themselves caught up in the Fatal Crescent.
  • Pharos, the Egyptian King, decried that the Hebrews should be drafted into farced labor building the Pyrenees and that if any of them bulked, they should be put into stocks and bonds.
  • All Gaul was quartered into three halves.
  • In ancient Rome, women had a high risk of childbirth.
  • Joan of Arc is a true mortar and a true heroine.
  • A landmark in Paris is the Eyeful Tower.
  • An Indian woman squatted over the campfire in one teepee, and you could smell the fresh meat cooking.
  • Martha Stewart sewed the American flag.
And quite possibly not a mistake:
  • Someone who runs for an office he already holds is called an incompetent.

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