Wednesday, January 3, 2007

Did I Mention....

that I'm having a Magical Day?
Not by choice, mind you. It's the bi-annual event that is officially called the National Sales Meeting. It should be called hell. Rumor has it that some people like this week and enjoy the meeting. I've not met one yet, but they tell me they're around. I have until Sunday morning to find one.

Anyway, there's some upside to being here. Local news is all about the Florida Gators and the upcoming National Championship game (Monday January 8--The Ohio State University versus the University of Florida 8 pm, baby)

Last night, they ran a clip of Urban Meyer, talking about his team's focus and preparation and he said something that made my heart hurt.
He said

This is the first time this Bowl has been played -- distanced itself from the other Bowls. We have an obligation to put a good product on the field. Make no doubt about it, this is a business trip and we will handle it as such.

College football is commercial and it is big business.

But to openly label a sport (a sport that is still layed by teenagers playing it for the love of the game, most of whom will never Play for Pay) a Product and to call a bowl game a business trip seems overtly cynical and very sad. There's a reason that we say "play a game".... There's a reason we work. Shouldn't we keep the two separated?

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