Saturday, January 13, 2007

A Regular Saturday Here in Snowless Maine

We had what we now consider, a regular Saturday in January.

Before this year, a regular Saturday in January would have included:

  • shutting all curtains and drapes before going to bed to help keep out the cold
  • opening all taps to a slow but steady drip in a fruitless attempt to keep the pipes from freezing
  • dumping anti-freeze down the two most prone-to-freeze up bathroom drains
  • waking up every two hours throughout the night to flush the upstairs toilet in a fruitless attempt to keep it from freezing
  • shoveling the front walk
  • shoveling a path for Mac the Dog to go potty in the way back
  • snow-blowing the luge run we call a driveway
  • grocery shopping for extra supplies in preparation for the next snow storm
  • filling the tank of the car, just in case
  • hauling extra wood into the basement, just in case
  • a lovely snowshoe in the back forty
Today, we had none of the above.
Instead, we:
  • stepped onto the back deck at 6:30 and noticed it smelled like spring.
  • had a lovely, not too cold run along the beach
  • cleaned out the bedroom closets
  • did a couple of loads of laundry
  • set out some mice poison in the garage (do not ask)
  • showed the cats where to hunt in the house (again, don't)
  • grocery shopped because we could and needed to, not because we had to
  • marinated the pork roast for tomorrow's dinner
  • set up Hubby's new Christmas present
  • dumped some stuff into the crock pot for tonight's dinner
  • split some wood
  • built a fire because we like fires, not because we need to have one to keep from freezing
  • played the world championship ping pong tournament (and won)
  • drank some wine
  • read a bit of my new and very good book
  • made the cheese ball for tomorrow's Patriots' Party (we'll be cheering for the Chargers)
  • listened to our new obsession
You might think I prefer today to what is a usual winter Saturday, but I don't. I likes me a good blizzard.


FriscoFred said...

IMHO superdiamond completely rocks out. see them live. they're sick.

mainelife said...

Uhhuh. I'll be sure to do that provided you're buying the tickets. ;)