Sunday, January 28, 2007

Unforgettable Fire

In today's Maine Sunday Telegram (the paper called The Portland Press Herald Monday thru Saturday), Washington correspondent, Bart Jansen reports on Bono's visit to Capital Hill to lobby for a $1 billion boost to AIDS and tuberculosis funding:

An unusual aspect of Bono's visit was his refusal to publicize it. Senators weren't supposed to talk about it beforehand. They could have snapshots taken with him, but they were not to distribute the pictures or post them on their Web sites.
Maine Senator Susan B. Collins was one of nine Republican Senators who met with Bono--but she isn't a fan of U2's music. Rod Stewart is her kind of guy musically, but she has great respect for Bono's commitment and the knowledgeable way he has approached his lobbying efforts.

If you'd like to help Bono's efforts, will help you send a letter to W.


Anonymous said...

I have a long-term love/hate relationship with that man, but I'm coming round on him recently. His philanthropic work appears to be genuine and not for show.

mainelife said...

I know a number of people who seem to have the same reaction to Bono--their's is based mostly on what they perceive to be his arrogance or what my one friend labels his God complex.
I drank the U2 KoolAid a long, long time ago and never looked at the band objectively after that. I think Bono's activism is real and heart-felt and the article I linked to seems to back that up.
On a separate note where do you stand on U2's music?

eben_cole said...

Thanks for putting that link up, I'm a big fan of Bono's efforts.