Monday, January 8, 2007

I Have Two Things to Say

Ohio State's Band is still undeniably better than Florida's.
Urban Cryer will hopefully remain true to his history and become coach of the Cleveland Browns next season. He's coached a beautiful game tonight.

Daughter of a preacher man says JE*&())W FU%*$()*(%#(W* C)$*#N. Did we ever suck tonight. That was beat down of epic proportion.

Hats off to the Florida Gators.


Tod said...

Please, not that. Browns fans have suffered too much. We don't want that whining, two-faced, insufferable jackass. He's not an NFL coach anyway.

mainelife said...

For all the reasons that I dislike Urban as a college coach, I think he'd make a great NFL coach. He dismantled Tressel and the Browns need some offensive creativity. I think he'd be a great NFL coach, but after talking with some people yesterday, it seems that I'm one of the few who would want him back in Ohio.

Tod said...

You are in the minority around here. No one wants that pleather-wearing faux man in this state. One of the OSU boards suggested a trade Ashtabula for Erie so we won't have to claim him as a Buckeye.