Friday, January 5, 2007

Mammothly Cool

A Maine fisherman, dragging for scallops off the Georges Bank, has pulled up what appears to be a tusk from a Wooly Mammoth.

A Professor from U Maine says that the mammoth could have lived on the Georges Bank during the last ice age (about 13,000 years ago) because some or all of that area was dry land. Photos of the tusk have been sent to the Maine State Museum so that researchers can try to identify it.

Click here for video of the story.
You can buy your own tusk here.
Researchers at the University of Michigan have analyzed wooly mammoth tusks to better understand their dietary habits and to try to determine what caused their extinction (climate change, hunting or disease are all possibilities).
Wooly mammoths evolved over 4.8 million years ago. Unless you're a creationist. Then they were created by God 6,000 years ago and hung out with Noah on his boat for a couple of months.

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