Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Must See TV--For Our House Anyway

Friends of God: a Road Trip with Alexandra Pelosi, January 25th @ 8 pm on HBO.
It will re-air on HBO2 on January 28th.

Yes, Alexandra is Nancy's daughter. You might remember her from her first documentary "Journey's With George", which was an inside look at W's 2000 campaign.

It features Ted Haggard, who according to Pelosi, was instrumental in making this film a valuable documentary (and I write this without any irony, whatsoever). He took her into his family, he introduced her to Jerry Falwell, and showed her Christian subcultures like Christian Wrestling (again, no irony. Not a drop.).

Begin Irony here--Pastor Ted has this little moment in the movie:

“You know all the surveys say that evangelicals have the best sex life of any other group,” Mr. Haggard says slyly to the camera, to which the effusive Ms. Pelosi responds, “No way.”
Mr. Haggard then asks a parishioner at his 14,000-member church how often he has sex with his wife. The man says: “Every day. Twice a day.” Pastor Ted then asks, "How many times a day does she climax?"
Oh. My. Goodness.

In defense of the 80 million evangelicals Ms. Pelosi has this to say:
“I believe in the culture war,” she said. “And you know what? If I have to take a side in the culture war I’ll take their side,” meaning the Christian conservatives. “Because if you give me the choice of Paris Hilton or Jesus, I’ll take Jesus.”
She might take Jesus, but more and more I wonder if Jesus would take most of America's current Evangelical Christians (you know, like the ones who singled Ted out as their best and brightest and then conveniently denied that he was even a Christian after his little indiscretion).

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