Saturday, January 13, 2007

Slowly But Surely

.... I'm getting over the debacle that was Monday night....I'm making positive progress in working through my seven stages of grief:

I've delivered the case of orange and blue wrapped beer to the tennis pro's house, the tennis pro who happens to be a Florida letter winner.
I've delivered our resignation letter from the club to the club President.

I've stopped uttering Tourette's-like f-bombs at random moments.
I've started uttering 'damn' at random moments, but without much venom, frequency or passion. Really. The damns are as ineffective as OSU's defense.

I've stopped throwing Buckeyes at my picture of Urban Meyer. It's no fun to pick on a guy who thinks pleather is still in style.
I've resumed throwing Buckeyes at my picture of Bill Belichick. This only has a little to do with Belichick's collaboration with Meyer, and more to do with the disaster that was his tenure with the Browns. In this house tt will never become unfashionable to throw things at Mr. Bill.

I've stopped the "Urban for Cleveland" campaign. Afterall, he and the SEC are made for each other.
I've started the "If You Give Us Back your Damn Buckeye, We'll Give you A Baby Gator to Carry in Your Purse" campaign for Shelley Meyer.

And the real proof that I'm getting over it?
I can finally offer heartfelt condolences to Florida basketball coach Billy Donovan on the recent passing of his mother, Lilly......wasn't little Billy cute?

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