Wednesday, January 3, 2007

A New Year ; Resolutely

Resolutely. If there's a word that defines me, it's NOT resolutely (showing firm determination or purpose). I'm a Pisces for goodness sakes'. I am weak-willed and easily led (I have good traits as well but that's not the point of the post).
Since I lack resolve, and because I'm the world's most gifted procrastinator I've waited three days into the New Year to make my resolutions formal. Because I've always made New Year's resolutions and I've always kept them. For about 5 hours. But this year is different.
This year, change is inevitable:

  • my husband is now officially retired (officially because the neighbors and his children thought he retired years ago). He appears reluctant to find another job, nor does he need to, but having him around all the time is going to be a change.
  • my company is for sale and the sale will close in 2007. I'm guessing that this will require a relocation back to the 'Nasty (Cincinnati). Now that's a wicked change.
  • youngest son is getting married in June and I'm betting that I'll be a grandmother before I hit my mid-40's and I'm not going to be thrilled about that little change in social status.
And so, in this New Year, I'm resolved to
1) embrace the change;
2) manage the change (instead of it managing me);
3) use the change for good, personally and for others; and
4) finally to come to understand my utter dismay at and disdain for all things religious (the religious right, the church who is more worried about abortion than genocide, the evangelicals who are more worried about stopping sex than saving a life. Oh could I go on and on....) and how that impacts my faith. It's either evolving my faith to a higher level or contributing to a faith lost, and I intend to answer that question.

These are resolutions that must be kept in order to keep my good humor and my sanity. My, aren't we going to have a fun year?

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Jenn said...

I was raised in a pretty strict Southern Baptist house and I soon decided the Baptists were just a bunch of hypocrits.
I know exactly what your wrestling with and it's not easy. Good luck. I'm looking forward to reading your musings on the subject.
Oh, and I currently live in Colorado Springs but I'm hoping to move soon.