Friday, January 26, 2007

Friends of God

Did anyone else happen to watch Friends of God, the Alexandra Pelosi documentary on HBO last night? (If you didn't, it's re-running all weekend on HBO and is available on demand. I recommend it. I think it's a good attempt to try to understand the more fundamental segment of the Evangelical nation).

So I have just one question for anyone who happened to watch: when Ted Haggard asked his two church members how often they had sex with their wives, and the first guy said "EVERY DAY!" and then the second guy said "Twice a day!" did you think "9th Commandment! You shall not bear false witness"? I sure did.

And then my follow-up question to you is when Ted asked them how often their wives climaxed during sex and they both said 100% of the time, did you think, oh, their wives are liars, too? I sure did.

Based on my upbringing there were one or two surreal deja' vu moments for me--the sex discussion was not one, I assure you, although I can also assure you that the born-again kids in my hometown (me for one) were having just as much sex as their heathen peers (but the Christian kids' pregnancy rate was much higher. Abstinence education does NOT work). And I need to state for the record that my parents NEVER expected their kids to believe in creationism vs. evolution, nor do they believe that dinosaurs walked the earth with Job.

Now I'm not even going to discuss the creepy factor of the conversation given what we now know about Ted.....

UPDATE: I've added the video clip.


Jenn said...

I didn't watch it because I have always thought that Ted Haggard was very strange and I have a hard time watching his mouth move while he talks.
The way you describe the exchange sounds like three schoolboys bragging and puffing out their chests to impress someone.

Jenn said...

I told you they guy is strange. I wasn't going to watch this, but it was a trainwreck I couldn't look away from.