Thursday, January 18, 2007

Frozen Waves

Slushy, icy waves breaking at Long Sands this morning (click to enlarge). Even though it's colder today, the sea smoke is barely visible, unlike yesterday when huge columns of smoke billowed toward the sky. Everything (grass, trees, sidewalks, rocks, roofs) is still encased in ice and we're to get snow/sleet overnight and tomorrow.
We weren't as cold as points north:

The coldest weather so far this winter sent the mercury to 16 below zero in Caribou, created dangerous wind chills of 30 to 40 below in several communities, and caused dead car batteries and a flood in a downtown Portland office building.Elsewhere, many people simply struggled to get their cars started. The American Automobile Association dealt with 1,800 calls -- triple the number on a regular morning -- from motorists seeking help in Maine, New Hampshire, and Vermont, said spokesman Matt McKenzie.The entire state of Maine endured temperatures either below zero or in the single digits, said Steve Capriola from the National Weather Service in Gray


Deb said...

One of the neatest things about the ocean is that every day there's something different

mainelife said...

So true, Deb. Especially in winter. It changes so much from day to day. Some days we have BALES of seaweed washed up on the sand; other days, frozen slush. Yesterday it was shards of ice in the surf.