Tuesday, January 2, 2007

Michigan Lost

Michigan football lost far more than the Rose Bowl yesterday. It lost an enormous chunk of its "storied program's" reputation.

After losing to Ohio State 39-42, there was much gnashing of teeth, tearing of sackcloth and general belly aching (the Ohio stadium turf screwed them; the refs screwed them--that wasn't a late hit. Helmet to helmet? No. He led with his hands). There was trash talk from one Wolverine running back:

I guarantee if we played them again it would be a whole different game. Their defense played good, but they're not as good as people thought. We knew we were going to be able to run the ball. We just didn't put enough points on the board, but there's nothing special about that defense.
There was a general feeling among the Michigan faithful that if the game were played again, the result would be different.

There was the definite feeling that Michigan got hosed after the BCS picks were announced. "NO!," they wailed. "We are the second best team in the country, maybe the best team in the country (remember we only lost by three in Columbus on that terrible turf), with the best defense in the country and we have been screwed blue." Oh and we'd NEVER allow Troy Smith on our team. He violated NCAA rules.

No one from Michigan bothered to mention that in the OSU game, they scored 10 points while covering less than 12 yards, thanks to two Ohio State turnovers. No one from Michigan bothered to remember that they failed to score any points on another turnover. No one from Michigan felt that they lost to a better team--not really. They lost, but there were so many factors that were unfair to them.

Fine. Everyone's entitled to their opinion and everyone is allowed to share that opinion. BUT. IF. You are going to talk the talk, Michigan Men and Michigan fans, then you must put the beat down on the Trojans. Yesterday, after being blitzed by everyone but Pete's grandma, and rushing for less than 50 yards, Mr. Hart, you and your Michigan team are left without any excuses. After the porn star-led offense shredded you for 439 total yards yesterday, you can't even claim you have the best defense in the country.

You can no longer claim that you were robbed of a National Title, that you deserved to play in the title game. And after the past month of talking, you no longer carry the torch of the nation's most respected football program. Not only have you lost your last two games the last three years, but this year for the first year, you lost face and sullied your first class reputation.


bucknut83 said...

Lllloyd the Loser strikes again. He's Michigan's very own C00000000000per.
The only thing that worries me is that Michigan might fire him and that would be terrible for Ohio State.
Go Buckeyes. "Just One Agenda. Just One Game."

JB said...

Well said, little buckeye fan. I'll witholde my full comments untill next year in the Big House.

Anonymous said...

Michigan is not going to fire Lloyd. The program is bigger than our rivalry with tOSU despite what OSU fans think.