Monday, January 8, 2007

Amusements from the Internets

Places to go to kill time until 7 pm when my crush Kirk Herbstreit and his fellow College Gamedayers begin coverage of the game (I'll update this throughout the day) again, if you've come for anything other than OSU junk, you'll need to come back tomorrow when we resume our regular blogging about Maine and cooking:
Stewart Mandell breaks down the keys to Tressel's success
Pat Forde thinks Troy has "the look"--the same one he had before other HUGE games
The premier sports blog on the planet (Every Day Should Be Saturday), breaks down the game position by position. Be warned: It's a Gator Blog.
MZone, despite selling out its Big Ten brethren, picks OSU/
We Are the Boys has predictions of a Florida upset, although based on the links they've chosen, it' doesn't look like much of an upset. It looks like Florida is heavily favored.
Jeff at Buckeye Battle Cry has a few thoughts
11 Warriors has just published their prediction.
We might lose as a punishment for this. (Caution: link proves excessively embarrassing to anyone from Ohio.)
Florida might lose as a punishment for this (Urban's wife carries a buckeye in her purse for good luck.)
Fox predicts an OSU win in a GREAT game.


Bucknutz said...

The Ohio rap kid totally bums me out. It's awful.

Liser said...

I saw the guys this morning before our first session and they look ready. Good Luck tonight. We're bringing in big screen TVs to watch and the entire company is cheering for you. I think they're afraid of being here if you lose.