Tuesday, January 9, 2007

Quotes of the Night

It comes down to two:
1) It took Florida 90 years to win its first National Championship...now they have their second in 100 years of football.
2) Coach Urban, when asked about his National Championship jacket in the post-game interview: "Nike's been good to us...we have to be good to them."

This from the guy who earlier in the week said:

This is the first time this Bowl has been played -- distanced itself from the other Bowls. We have an obligation to put a good product on the field. Make no doubt about it, this is a business trip and we will handle it as such.

Call me bitter or a poor loser, but college football is not pay for play. It's a GAME. It's fun (except for tonight when it was decidedly unfun). It is not supposed to be a business and to do or say anything that accelerates the decline to professionalism is wrong. With his two quotes this week Urban has clearly indicated that he sees this as a business, not a game.

Take the trophy. It's not worth that much.


GatorGuy said...

You are bitter. Two for Two against tOSU. Can you say yessir?

Bucknutz said...

Unbucking believable. If you'd said 41-14 I would have agreed we'd win by that much. NEVER, EVER would I believe 41-14 Florida.
Now that little weasel Lupica will be dissing us again and we have to listen to everyone say the Big 11 is over-rated.

Marie said...

After seeing the score at half-time, I said to my husband, "I think I just heard a loud **thunk** in Maine." That was an unexpected game. Sorry for the loss...
Where was Ohio's O-line?

BTW, I too read Urban's quote about 'products/and business trip' earlier this week, and at the time it struck me as wrong to place college student/athletes in that position. His words were more those of an NFL coach speaking about his professional athletes...no wonder he's losing 10 kids to the NFL right off the bat.

mainelife said...

Thanks, Marie.
I have no idea where any of our team was last night, but they sure weren't in Phoenix.
GatorGuy-I can say yessir with the best of them. I can also say congrats on a flawless game. Unfortunately.
Bucky-I hear ya. Just remind those naysayers that we are 2-1 vs. the SEC this bowl season and ignore Lupica. He's a Yankee fan for cripes' sakes.