Tuesday, February 6, 2007

What Was She Thinking?

Would you put on diapers and drive like a bat out of hell for 16 hours for a man with that face? Forget the pepper spray and plastic tubing, and whatever she planned to do once she got there. It's the diapers that have me all freaked out.

I might don the diapers for Brad Pitt. Billy O, not so much....

UPDATE: All joshing aside, there has to be more to this story, doesn't there? How do you go from a master's degree at the US Naval Post Graduate School to bunny killer?
(The WAPO reports:
Nowak studied aerospace engineering at the Naval Academy, graduating in 1985. She studied aeronautical and astronautical engineering at the U.S. Naval Post Graduate School, and received a master's degree in 1992.)

I'm not saying that smart people can't be crazy, but c'mon. What in the world could she have said to her husband as she sprinted out the door, diapered, disguised and weapon-wielding?


Marie said...

Wow. That's him? Nope--I would not wear diapers for him....sad, really.

Bucknutz said...

You're spoiled because Retired Guy is so cute.
This ones' not so bad. I know allot of ladies in Ohio who'd be happy to know him.
I saw you're having trouble with the state of Ohio tax people. Good luck. They got onto my mom after she moved to Florida and it took a long time to get that all taken care of. I hope yours goes much smoother.

Jenn said...

"Honey, I'm going out for a pack of cigarettes. Do you want me to get you anything? Be back in a couple of days."

Amy said...

Yeah but he can fly planes and space shuttles! sorry, I just have a weak spot for pilots. Cool tie.

The story is fascinating and I can't wait to find out more. I think.

mainelife said...

AK-you're allowed to have a thing for pilots ;) Marie and I will still take a pass.
After I posted this somewhat callous post, I had a moment of guilt.
I really feel badly for her family, for her, for him, for the Air Force pilot.
It is fascinating, but it's also awfully sad on so many levels.
And Jenn, I'll bet that's exactly what she said! Good one.