Tuesday, February 13, 2007

We Are Ready

We have:

  • gotten our groceries (mostly whole milk and Wonder Bread--it's what you need in Maine to survive the storm)
  • bought whiskey (for medicinal purposes) and wine (for survival purposes)
  • carried in enough wood to last two days--in case the power goes out
  • replaced the flashlight batteries and located our emergency supply of candles
  • moved a shovel up to the back deck so we can push the snow off
  • filled the bird feeders
  • washed the road grime off of Lucy (in 9 degree weather, the door handles and mirrors freeze before the water is even turned off)
  • purchased two books from Amazon.com (delivery scheduled for today)
  • bought extra salt for the luge run that serves as our driveway
Even the conservative weather.com has decided we'll have 12+ inches of snow and blizzard conditions for a while tomorrow afternoon.
Accuweather.com projected this pattern on Sunday and it looks to be very close to the what's going to happen, just a day later.


Marie said...

I'm looking forward to you live blogging the storm--if'n you have electricity. If not, enjoy the break.

Jenn said...

Has it started to snow there yet?