Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Liveblogging the Valentine's Day Blizzard Con't. Yet Again

3:07 pm
Who says UPS doesn't deliver?
3:00 pm We've changed to the dreaded wintry mix--mostly snow mixed at times with big pieces of sleet. It tip taps at the windows. Pat the plow guy came right around 2pm. Between the blowing and the snowing, you can't tell that he was here. The
NECN just said that the seacoast from Portsmouth, NH to Saco/Portland will have 3 or so hours of less than a quarter mile visibility and heavy precip. They are also saying that this may be the worst snow that Vermont has ever recorded.

1:44 pm The cold air in place over northern New England is holding the wintry mix to our south and east. That pink line just can't seem to get past Cape Ann, although everyone forecasting the weather promises that it will. We now have hard, wind-driven snow, with gusts that shake the house.

Mac and I did make a trek through the woods. We scared what I think was a red-tailed hawk from his perch--he left the safty of the pine tree with a complaining squawk and headed out over the Little River, but didn't see any other signs of life, no deer or coyote tracks anywhere we looked. It's bitterly cold. Removing gloves for picture taking was a painful process. So cold that despite two layers of smartwool socks and my sorel boots my toes were frozen. I'm sipping a cup of this to warm up. It might take two to do the job right.

Lobster traps wait for spring.......
12:00 pm The wind is picking up, but for the time being, it's not snowing as hard as it has been.
The snow plow guys of our village are hard at work, clearing parking lots and driveways.
We're putting on our boots and heading out into the back 40 to see what we can see.

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gnumoon said...

Yikes! Stay warm and safe!

We're just having 20 degree weather and 50 mph winds snow or ice.