Saturday, February 24, 2007

Aye-uh. I'm Ah Mainah

Good old fashioned shopping spree.....for most women that might mean new Jimmy Choos or an ensemble like this (lovely, isn't it? And I do look good in black):

But my shopping spree consisted of pillow shams for the guest room, 2 wool cable knit sweaters. Being a woman and all, I believe that no shopping spree is complete without some new shoes:

Or a beautiful new coat:

Retired Guy keeps asking if I'm ready to fix the Chevy or when I'm going to cut down that tree in the back.
What can I say? Some women are especially suited to living in Maine and it seems I'm one of 'em.


Amy said...

I think an axe makes a nice accessory. :)

mainelife said...

do you have a recommendation for color and weight? I don't want to bulk up the biceps too much!