Saturday, February 17, 2007

Some Light Reading For A Saturday

We're in a dither getting ready for Eldest and her boyfriend to visit. Cleaning and changing sheets (we're so excited), cooking, shoveling the driveway yet again (because Eldest and the boyfriend), shopping for their favorite foods (are so much fun to have visit) and deciding what to cook for Monday night dinner when both kids and their significant others will join us for dinner.

So while we're dithering, here're are few easy reading (heh) articles for your consideration:

The Kingmakers-- Howard Fineman reports on the GOP candidates' battle to win the evangelical endorsement. There's more at stake than just an endorsement here. If Pat Robertson and Jerry Falwell have their way, we'll be living in a theocracy where non-Christians are second class citizens.

Glenn Greenwald looks at John McCain's blogger and Frederick Clarkson takes it a step further, calling Patrick Hynes "McCain's Personal Christian Nationalist."

Andrew Sullivan and Sam Harris debate fundamentalism. Oh, and they argue about some other stuff as well.

Political Cortex has the weekly roundup of blog posts about the religious right.

With this reading list, I'd imagine that someone with think I'm anti-Christian, but that's not the case at all. I'm pro-Christ and his teachings, but anti-Christianist.

I'd like this to be a non-political zone, but until our churches are once again the non-political safe sanctuaries they were meant to be, you'll have to forgive me for an occasional foray into these topics. It is a safe zone, and while I welcome dissenting--even strongly dissenting-- thoughts, no swearing, no personal attacks, no offensive or abusive comments will be tolerated and as always, I reserve the right to delete any comments that aren't keeping with the spirit of civil debate.

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