Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Liveblogging the Valentine's Day Storm

10:00pm 19 degrees. Cloudy skies and no snow yet. I'm heading off to bed because 1) a watched pot never boils and 2) I've got a big day tomorrow looking for surfin' snowmen, and shoveling the luge run (photo above was taken on February 18, 2003 during a huge snowstorm).

pm Snow has moved into the New Hampshire seacoast (Amy may be seeing a flake or two) and is heading our way quickly. I think we might beat that 3 am estimate for the first flakes.

9:27 pm
A big welcome to all the folks popping over from Marie's place. I can assure Marie that there's no pressure being exerted. I got so excited for a little winter weather that I'd decided on Sunday that I'd be livebloggin' the event.

It's a darn good thing that it's actually turning out to be an event. Now we'll keep our fingers crossed that the power stays on. Electricity in Maine is far more fickle than electricity in other parts of the country. Part of our planned blizzard entertainment for tomorrow night is watching the Buckeyes battle the Nittany Lions on the hardwood.

8:43 pm
Retired Guy has spent most of the afternoon and evening cleaning out the basement. It's really lovely down there now with shelves organized, shoes in bins by type (golf shoes, baseball cleats, football cleats--mine of course, gardening shoes, hiking boot and snow boots), general clutter disposed of. I have no idea why today was the day for basement cleaning, but I love the results. Work finished, he's now hunkered down in the living room monitoring the weather channel and NECN for the latest forecasts. Occasionally he pops over and checks on the Dog Show.

NECN has announced that they'll start live storm coverage at 5 am tomorrow.

7:14 pm Our current conditions are officially "calm before the storm". The snow is supposed to start tomorrow morning--3am or later. Earlier they'd thought it would start closer to midnight. Snow has started in western Mass and the southern tip of Vermont.

I checked on the folks back in the Buckeye state and they are currently in full scale blizzard conditions. Snow is expected to continue in northern Ohio until mid-day tomorrow and school has already been cancelled. There's talk of some skiing if the roads are passable.

The Coast Guard and the York Harbor Master have asked that all boat moorings be checked and double-lined. Mariners should be prepared for 50-knot winds and 20-foot seas in New England waters.


Jenn said...

I'd love to see some pictures.

eben said...

while your at home, avoiding bad weather, check out my site!

Jenn said...

Thanks for the pictures. Stay warm!!