Sunday, February 18, 2007

Mountaineers to Invade the Big House

Holy Moses. Via my good blog buddy Marie --the Appalachian State Mountaineers are going to invade the Big House on September 1, 2007, and they'll get to see Lloyd Carr work (ahem) those sidelines in person.

This should be a great game--it's enough for me to re-up for the College Game Day package for next season--two time defending 1-AA National Champions versus the team favored to win the Big 10 and possibly contend for a 1-A title. Remember, last year, the UNH Wildcats (1-AA school) visited Northwestern and came away with a huge win. Now this is a little different, in that Northwestern's athletic program is the reason we're still the Big 10--we do have 11 schools but only 10 have real teams, but ASU has an amazing offense and a lot of talent. And Michigan is sure to be overly confident about this game.
We'll say it here first--we see a big heartache in the Big House on September 1. Go 'neers!

UPDATE: Just to be clear-the heartache will be Michigan's, as the Mountaineers pull off a stunning upset.


Marie said...

Aww Freak--that's alot people in the Big House. Be more fun if'n it was played at home, but what the heck. We played LSU and kept them to 21..ok, to a score of nothing, but enjoyed the LSU crowd rooting for playing time for our lesser players. It was fun and as always, playing an excellent team at the beginning of the season sets the standard for the rest of the seaon. Can't get better if'n you don't play the best.

Bucknutz said...

An upset would be the best way to start Carr's last season coaching TSUN.

gnumoon said...

Go Apps!
Fight Apps!
Win Apps!

Our head coach overuses the word "deal," and has already started referring to the "Big House" as "That Big Deal."

I'll also point out that, in the case we DON'T pick up the W, it's much easier to nurse your wounds on the flight home knowing you have a check for $400,000 in your pocket. (which is the agreed-upon sum the Mountaineers are being paid to fly to Michigan and get their asses kicked).

mainelife said...

Gnumoon, c'mon. I'm calling for an ASU upset. We must believe. If we believe it, the Apps can achieve it!
Go Apps.