Monday, February 26, 2007

Number Two Defeats Number One

Alternate Heading: Number One Defeats Number Two (Depending On Which Poll You Choose)

Number one or number two Ohio State defeated number one or number two Wisconsin 48-49 yesterday in Columbus to claim the Big 10 Championship for the second year in a row.
It was an ugly, ugly game (the Buckeyes haven't won a game scoring fewer than 50 points since 1982), but it's much better to win ugly than lose pretty.

It may have been freshmen Greg Oden's final game at Value City Arena. Oden (number 20 and the oldest looking 18-year old on the planet) is expected to be the first player drafted this year should he declare for the draft. Retired Guy would like to see him playing in Celtic Green next year. I think he looks smashing in that little scarlet and gray number.


Bucknutz said...

I think the Buckeyes gave up Oden for Lent. Do you think they could get him the ball once in a while?

mainelife said...

Dude, I know. They just forget about Oden, three/four times down the floor. I was so frustrated with this game I was practically throwing stuff at the TV. They look really rough. Doesn't bode well for the tourney.