Monday, February 26, 2007

Amish School

Amish School, originally uploaded by mainelife240.

Another of my dad's photos, taken at the Amish school in our little Ohio county.


Amy said...

That's beautiful. I almost thought it was a painting. There's a Rockwell quality of color and light.

jo said...

You're going to hate what my first thought was when I scrolled down to this portrait.
I thought of the recent events in Amish country when the girls were lined against the blackboard and...
Of course that was not the intent of this photo, it is just what my first thought was.

mainelife said...

Oh Jeez--I didn't even think of that. Should we pull it from the book?

Amish America said...

Hi Melissa,
Thanks for your comments on my blog--I enjoy yours as well!

I think I have only driven through Ashland when I was in Holmes for a summer--but never saw the Amish though I knew there were some communities west of the biggie.

Holmes/Wayne/Tuscarawas is one of my favorite places on earth.

by the way would you care to trade links?