Tuesday, February 27, 2007

How Sweet It Is

Ohio State took over the No. 1 spot in The Associated Press college basketball poll Monday, the first time the Buckeyes have held the top ranking since 1962 when they were led by Jerry Lucas and John Havlicek and on a run of three straight Final Fours.

But even during basketball season, football is still king in Ohio:

The turning point for the Ohio State men's basketball team came in mid-January after OSU football coach Jim Tressel addressed the team at coach Thad Matta's request.

Tressel led OSU to a Big Ten championship last fall and the Bowl Championship Series title game vs. Florida in January.

"Tressel delivered a heck of a message about everyone staying on the same page," Matta said Monday. "When coach speaks, no eyes come off him."

Thanks in part to Tressel, the Buckeyes have a swagger that was absent in the first half of the season, when Matta said players were a bit overwhelmed by expectations.

"Guys were too tight," Matta said. "I've always wanted them to enjoy basketball. It's a kid's game."



Margaret Evans Porter said...

Congratulations on your team topping the AP college basketball poll!

I'm so chagrined to admit that Ohio is among the 12 states I've not visited.

mainelife said...

Oh dear Margaret, I'm chagrined to tell you that you're not missing a thing;)
As we like to say, it's a wonderful place to be from!

Bucknutz said...

Margaret, please don't listen to her. Ohio is a wonderful place period.

Crazy lady from Maine? We're number 1 for the first time in my lifetime. Unbelievable. All we need is to beat Florida in the tourney by 10-15 points and it's all good. Sports radio in Columbus is saying that Oden will stay one more year.
I-O, Baby!!!!! If we make the Final Four, we are SO THERE. R U IN?

mainelife said...

Really? Oden might stay? All the NBA analysts say he's coming out.

I don't see us getting to the Final Four. They are really young and don't seem to be gaining enough experience. I can't see them beating an NC or Florida team unless those teams aren't playing well. Have you seen UCLA this year? I haven't but I'm guessing they're really a better team than we are.
All that said, I'm just enjoying the Number 1 ranking for as long as it will last.

Bucknutz said...

I've seen the Bucks twice this year at the Schott. They are peaking at just the right time and I think they can beat any team they face. Getting through the tournament takes some luck but I like their chances.
As for Oden, it never hurts to hope.