Sunday, February 4, 2007

It's Super Sunday. Do You Have a Rooting Interest?

We're a conflicted household. It's heresy for a New Englander to cheer for Peyton Manning and it's unthinkable for a quarterback as mediocre as Rex Grossman to win a Super Bowl.

Then we have the whole Archie Manning pulling strings to keep Eli out of San Diego and that makes it even more difficult for cheer for Indianapolis, right? I mean, a "normal" family couldn't have manipulated the NFL that way. A normal family would have been happy to just have the kid drafted by anyone, forget caring where he went......

So, we've decided to wait until kick-off and see where our heart lies.

And while we're contemplating the Super Bowl and its spectacle, how about the NFL?
Did you know that they've stopped churches in Indiana from hosting Super Bowl parties? Aye-uh, it's a violation of the NFL copyright for any venue (excepting sports bars, that is) to show an NFL game on a screen larger than 55-inches or to have more than one TV in a room. Seems it messes up their Neilson numbers and the NFL brand doesn't like that.

Then there's the front page article in the NYTimes about what happens to those hats and shirts proclaiming the losing team the winner. The NFL is very strict about where the loser's stuff ends up. No eBay and no TV appearances, they are never to be seen on American soil. So they're given to World Vision and shipped to Africa:

"Where these items go, the people don't have electricity or running water," said Jeff Fields, a corporate relations officer for World Vision. They wouldn't know who won the Super Bowl. They wouldn't even know about football."
According to the article, the items are shipped to a major city, along with medical and school supplies, they driven to one of the villages where World Vision members work. They distribute the goods.

Random Super Bowl Trivia:
  • The Vince Lombardi trophy is Tiffany.
  • It's a myth that toilet flushing at half time has any effect on any city's water pressure.
  • There's 60 minutes of game time and 30 minutes of commercial time.
  • 2.5 million Americans bought a new TV for the Super Bowl
  • 57% of American women will watch the game (I have no idea how many are watching just for the ads)

Oh and I'm leaning Colts. Retired Guy is leaning Bears, but we each reserve the right to change our minds and even, possibly to cheer for the same team.


Keith said...

Just wanted a good game.

Jenn said...

Are you sure that toilet flushing fact isn't true?
I wanted the Colts because if it's not the Broncos then it's the AFC team.

Jeff said...

Still enjoying your posts. Thanks for the comment on my blog. I just put a link into my links section as well. With all that's going on, my blog is a bit neglected at times.

I had to pull for Indy in the Super Bowl. I always liked ol' Peyton and despite being a Gator, or perhaps because I'm a Gator, I can't stand Rex. I worked as an intern in the athletic department and I had to deal with that little punk and his perma-smirk.

Glad you liked my bike, by the way. The Eclipse looks like a sweet ride. You just can't beat steel. As for fixing bikes, it's a slow learning process. I'm pretty good finally, but there are still things like adjusting headsets and truing wheels that my bike shop manager is way superior.

Cute cafe press section as well.