Friday, February 9, 2007

Oefelein Taking A Leave of Absence

Bill Oefelein, the astronaut who's one side of the love triangle involving NASA astronauts, has been granted a leave of absence to stay in Florida with his girlfriend, the second side of the love triangle, who was stalked and attacked by the third side of the love triangle, NASA astronaut, Lisa Nowak.


Anonymous said...

I don't get why working professionals don't get it. Not just in America, but across the world. Mixing work and pleasure is like mixing government and religion. It all sounds good until someone gets hurt. Anyone with a remotely adequate range of emotions knows this. I am going to post here with sincere and educated belief that Oefelein is also at serious fault and at least partially culpable for Nowak's actions. I have not read ANYTHING about this attempted kidnapping that points this out. Oefelein's decision to bring romance into the workplace was selfish and purposeful. An ex-marine knows how to control their heart with their mind, and therefor I have no doubt of the intentionality of Oefelein 's actions. For a woman, this suitation is obviously stressful due to the power issues at play. This certainly contributed to Nowak's MUCH more horrible decision to try to kidnap someone. The manly thing for Oefelein to do at quare one, would be to QUIT after such an affair is over! Though now that he has used his position of power to force Nowak to "crack", he can safely stay. Similarly, the mayor of San Fransisco recently brought play into the workplace with one of his subordinates. Of course, problems were caused. To make it worse, it was someone's wife! What a jerk thing to do. At least these disrespectful and weak-minded actions weren't operating on your tax dollars. Once again, the manly thing to do when a workplace relationship is over (because you are making life very difficult for a woman by staying and your mom taught you not to hit girls) is to QUIT! And of course, the optimal decision is to find someone to date outside of the workplace, though we all must acknowledge that it happens.

Anonymous said...

I forgot to add to that, you aren't required by man-code to quit if the woman shares your exact level of power or higher. IE. If the woman is your boss or has the same title as you, you're ok!

Anonymous said...

Interesting thoughts, more interesting is that NASA waits until this SNAFU to ask for more money to fund its search for asteroids. How about NASA takes its billion dollar space cowboys out of space, then funds only useful developments? NASA needs to start thinking financially before it gets my support.

mainelife said...

Anon 1: I don't disagree with you at all about Oefelein's responsibility in this case. I never considered the power issues.
Thanks for your comments.

Anonymous said...

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