Thursday, May 31, 2007

Bush League

Is there no low too low for A-Rod? If he's not using his pretty purse to take a swipe at Bronson, he's willing to squeal like a baby to help the Yanks win. Evidently, when you're 14.5 games out of first, all's fair, even dubious methods:

Rodriguez said he was just trying to help the Yankees win.
"We're desperate," he told reporters. "We haven't won a game in a little bit now. We won the game."
Johnny Damon doesn't know if it's legal ("I wasn't sure that was allowed," outfielder Johnny Damon said.) but he's desperate enough to not really care ("If it is, maybe we'll keep on doing it."), and Joe Torre appears to need some therapy to help him process his emotions ("I don't know what to feel for it.").

Oh, how the mighty have fallen....oh, how heroes have been reduced to mortals. What's next, Johnny's Jesus-look making a return in pinstripes?

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weasel said...

Man, I hate A Rod. I hope he doesn't enter in to the frame for Boston when he leaves the Yankees at the end of this year.

On an up note, such blatant behavior at least distracts attention from Pedroia's well acted air-tag at second last night to get one of the Indians out....