Friday, May 25, 2007

Good Morning, Glorious Friday

It promises to be a brilliant start to the holiday weekend here on the seacoast. Highs in the low 80's, abundant sunshine and a vacation day scheduled to enjoy it all.

So how will we spend our day? It started with a sunrise walk on the beach with Mac the Dog. Then, I filled each of the three bird feeders, changed the water in the bird baths (two of those), and changed the kitty litter. I've opened every window in the house to let in the smell of lilacs and Lilly in the Valley and (at least I think it's) the flowering apple trees.

I've got two tennis matches on the calendar and a tennis mixer tonight.
In between sets of tennis, I'll buy the geraniums for the deck, the potting soil and some cone flowers and black eyed susans for the garden. I'll shop for our barbecue tomorrow and hopefully find a few minutes to sit at the beach and watch the kids play tag with the icy cold waves (that water looks so inviting, but it sure doesn't feel inviting).

I LOVE vacation days. I do, I do.

I've also got a vague hope that I can pick rhubarb from a friend's garden, as I'm itching to make a pie for our gathering tomorrow night, but she's offered three times this week and I've been otherwise engaged, so the invite might have been rescinded.

Enjoy your day and don't forget to buckle up and be safe this weekend. Travelers north bound into Maine--please be advised that the state of New Hampshire has decided to re-pave the Hampton Toll booths......during one of the three busiest weekends of the year.

UPDATE: 2:15 pm Hampton toll paving is complete, but if you're headed into Maine on I-95, watch for those pretty baby blue cruisers used by the Maine State Highway Patrol. They are out en masse today, and it's a 55 mph zone over the bridge and into Maine for the first few miles.
Jo-prayers offered and answered! You should be free to move about....


jo said...

Nice. Cause we are driving 6 hours round trip to turn on the water and lights, open the windows and clear all the crap we store on the bed off the bed so when Mom and SD arrive tonight at 11:00 fresh from a day of work, a flight and a 3 hour drive they won't be doing that all in the dark.
Pray for us, it's gonna be a L-O-N-G day.

Amy said...

You are up and at 'em today. Don't forget to work some ice cream eating/ blogging into your weekend. :)

Margaret Evans Porter said...

What a lovely shot.

I've got no view, the mountains on the other side of the Big Lake are nearly obscured by a thick heat haze. Too bad the lake is only 50-something degrees cold, or I'd jump in to cool off.

S'funny, (or not) I thought of you when I heard about the new OH-bound flights from Pease!

jo said...

I think we saw 15 cars in the Kittery area today...literally. they were out en masse!
Cruise control was my friend.

Thanks for praying to the gods of good traffic, it was gloriously free of snags the whole way.