Thursday, May 10, 2007

Amish in the City

This afternoon, we were up at the university to have a family portrait shot when this young man came up the street. I jumped out of the picture I was sitting for, grabbed my camera and snapped this picture (thinking only of my blog post, of course). This is a daily sight around town as the Amish use our hospital. They shop at our grocery and hardware stores. They're in and out of town frequently.
The Amish in Ashland County are Schwartzentruber Amish, the segment of the Amish most resistant to change and technology and they keep to themselves more so than New Order Amish or the Beachy. Given that, taking a picture is generally a no-no.......

......but it appears that I got busted making his image.


Amish America said...

Neat, what town is this?

I will be in Holmes County again this summer, and am very happy.

I also wanted to confirm, you said there are Amish in Maine--is that just one church district, any idea more or less what county? I'm doing a map right now of Amish settlements and would be helpful to include Maine, which is not in this year's Calendar listings. If it's a Swartzentruber district, those are sometimes listed, sometimes not.



mainelife said...

Hey Erik-
This is Ashland County, which is right next to Wayne County and very close to Holmes County.
We do have Amish in Maine, up in Aroostock County (very far north). I never see them listed on any maps, but they are there. I'm pretty sure that they aren't Swartzentruber, as based upon the news paper stories that I've read about them, they interact with the English more so than any other Amish I've known.
Enjoy your trip to Holmes County!

Amish America said...

Thanks, I recall you told me about where they were located more-or-less once already, so sorry to be asking again.

mainelife said...

No worries. I wish I knew more about them and could give you more information.
Ive done a number of internet searches, but there's not much information to be found on the Amish in Maine. I'm hoping that we go up to the county this summer and get to see their community.

Anonymous said...

Just reading your blog. The amish community in Maine is in the town of Smyrna. It's up near the New Brunswick border in North Easter maine

Anonymous said...

Aroostook County.
They are seen all the time in Fort Fairfield and in that general area. There are at least three families I have seen so far.

A funny moment was a older teenager dressed in his traditional Amish garb and drinking a Mountain Dew.

Anonymous said...

Yes, the Amish community in Aroostook County are unlike other Amish settlements. They were originally part of the Christian Communities (Google Elmo Stoll). My husband and I know someone up there and plan to visit in the community soon.

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