Tuesday, May 1, 2007

The View From My Window

The Belterra Casino. Belterra, IN
The hotel is in Indiana. The casino is in the riverboat on the Ohio River. There's no gambling in Indiana, ya'll.
Now, when someone in Cincinnati asks you if you'd "like to go to the boats" you'll know what they're talking about.


fletch said...

fishing? Nice shot.

weasel said...

They should moor one of these off the Pleasant Point reservation in Washington County. Run a chain ferry across the St Croix- Canadian gambling money goes in the port side, LNG comes out of starboard. Problem(s) solved!

the blue state blogger said...

If you "go to the boats" dp you end up sleeping with the fishes...?

mainelife said...

Fletch-Thanks. It was a company retreat, so the only fishing was done with regards to trying to figure out who will be buying us.

Weasel-brilliant idea. Much better than most of the Governor's plans. You should consider a run for public office.

and BSB--it's more like going to the mattresses...if ya know what I mean;)